Saturday, October 31, 2009


73. Resolve my skin issues

I've been prescribed Accutane after years and years of begging for it! I'm excited as it's been two months and it's already shown amazing amazing results! I'm so happy with it and can't wait to see what the end brings! I'm having to abstain from drinking but it's sooooo worth it because my skin is fantastical!


38. Stop biting my nails

There you have it, world! I've finally stopped putting my fingers in my mouth! It probably has a lot to do with this Swine Flu epidemic hitting Vancouver, but alas! Fingernails are almost always lovely and manicured! Hope to keep them this way!!!! Yay!!!!


50. Ride a Ferris wheel with a boy

I also did this this past summer. With whooom you assskkk? With only the boy of my dreams. My boyfriend was in town this summer (he's English) and he loves theme parks. I figured it would be a good opportunity for an awesome time, mini donuts, and a chance to tick things off my list with the best partner this world could offer!!!!!!!!!! The ferris wheel was amazing, and I even got a kiss at the top! It was great, and terribly romantic. Wouldn't have wanted it any other way!


66. Ride the drop zone at playland

I had such a great summer! One of the most amazing things I got to experience was FINALLY riding the drop zone. I rode it with Paul and it was just hilarious! They strapped us in, and we were hoisted up and up and up, I thought that it would never ever end! When I've looked at the ride from the ground, it never appeared to go that high, but was I ever wrong!!! It felt like we were being hoisted up for an eternity!!!! I of course got Paul to pull the rip chord, because if it were up to me, I would have been far too scared. When he pulled it, I felt like I was falling to my death, it was exhilarating!! We screamed like it was the last most horrifying thing we were ever going to see, but once we chilled out, it was amaaaazing to see the entirety of the world underneath us. We swayed back and forth, until we came to a stop, and I personally wish that it lasted longer, but GOD was it amazing! Great experience. And I wouldn't have rather held hands with anyone else but Paul. Great!!!!!


25. Explore an island in BC

Hey, ALL!!! I had the opportunity to explore beautiful Gabriola Island this summer with Paul whilst we were there for a wedding! It was small, and not somewhere I would go unless I felt that I wanted to be completely secluded from all life, but it sure was beautiful! The whole island was surrounded by a beautiful beach, and the tiny little islands were so awesome to see. The weather was also really great, almost TOO hot! We stayed at the Dragons Lodge, and we're really happy to be at Brandi's wedding; it was an awesome, beautiful ceremony!!! We also visited Victoria on the way, and had a great time there too.