Sunday, May 31, 2009


71. Make a giant 100 item list of things that make me laugh

This one is also a work in progress, but it's a lot easier to map as it's a list. Here goes:

100 things that make me laugh

1) watching people trip over things
2) the Seinfeld show
3) Brett's suitcase voice
4) Russell's frown
5) remembering the time that my brother exclaimed "it smells like poo-farts" in an airplane full of passengers
6) the shark pose
7) Dani's gibbled run
8) Alex and Russell's ugly faces
9) watching my hamster try to get right side up while he's being held on his back
10) seeing my dog rub her face all over the couch and she furiously tries to get attention
11) LG's doing their LG thang
12) a genuinely stupid looking face
13) Pat's pig man
14) sarcasm
15) the Phoenix Nights show
16) when Conan pulls the Chuck Norris lever
17) Disney's the Emporer's New Groove. The entire movie has me in stitches.
18) any time I spend with the collective
19) watching Russ DDR
20) making a baby laugh and hearing it laugh back
21) maurice moss and richmond from the IT crowd
22) Paolo Bonolis in THIS:
23) charlie and the waitress on It's Always Sunny in Philedelphia
24) anything Larry David
25) seeing my kitty sleeping sitting up while his face is buried in his paws
26) the graphics on Street Fighter 2
27) Russell Peters
28) the comicon video
29) Marta's MIEEUUUUU sound
30) celebrity jeaopardy
31) Gilly
32) the Lawrence Welk show
33) Penelope
34) the Bitch Please sketch
35) the Office
36) anything my dad has to say
37) making eye contact with Stephanie. Because it's always like we know what the other is thinking. So we end up laughing hysterically.
38) watching cats be hilarious
39) talking dirty with Parsiad
40) Brennen's music
41) Paul's PINOCCHIO voice
42) farts
43) the word shmeckles
44) "he's a real boy"
45) reference to George Clooney being a scuba diving dog
46) anything that Paul says, essentially
47) my English professor's "dull person" voice
48) I can has cheese burgars and all lol cats
49) hearing Steve say "I pooped a feather"
50) any time that Brett makes fun of me
51) alton brown
52) Russell's frown/reaction to my frown (i had to put this twice, i pee my pants)
53) Russell's really excited face
54) Alex's oommiiggaawwwdddddd
55) When Julian repeats the words Methane Farts in that same order
56) Carol Beer
57) Vicky Pollard
58) Anne
59) Gordon Ramsay when he's pissed
60) The play within the Shakespeare play, Hamlet
61) Megan Fox trying to be funny
62) Zombieland
63) Being tickled
64) Closing at work with Valjeet (she's hilarious)
65) Imagining Geoff doing my crazy accent
66) have I said watching people trip? I love that bahahaha!
67) Watching Samantha Wink and Russell James TOIL, BURROW, AND PRESENT THEIR BERRIES!!!!!!!
68) Mirrion dorra?
69) "Sort your life out...." PJS
71) Re-runs of all the big fat quiz shows
72) Not gonna lie, watching Hannah Montana. Makes for laughs and sweet, tender father-daughter moments...
73) Watching Paul laugh at me after my Bridget Jones
74) Skyping with Steve whilst he is drunk
75) Reminiscing with Nicole about how weird we were when we were younger
76) Lanna making fun of me. My hands mostly!
77) "Poootaaatoooeee" LF
78) Thinking of Daniela's fall when she landed like superman
79) Watching the cat smell Dolly's butt
80) "Fak crez" FM
81) "Ma tu mi fa rideray" JM
82) Il Maresciallo
83) Sebastian and Remy's musical pun minute in class
84) "allan! allan! allan!! allan!"...walk on the wild side bbc comedy
85) seasons 1-3 of the inbetweeners


37. Fall in love

There can really be no explanation for number 37. Maybe it's something I'll learn to put into words after some time, but maybe not. Feel's nice to know that I'm still working, though.


While it's still hard to put into words, I think it's a little easier to explain now. When I met Paul, we talked about everything under the sun..and after having discussed everything in our brains, I knew that I loved him in such a special way, I knew I would never feel that again, quite like that. Still gets me flustered, and we've been together nearly five months now! He's the most brilliant man I have ever known, and I'm so lucky to have him in my life. I love him so much that I can't believe it sometimes. I can't believe that something like this actually exists! It's great! And for the record....I'd like to justify the random hotel room ordeal by stating that the person I went into the hotel room with turned out to be the man that I'm likely going to spend the rest of my life with. You do the math :)


7. Pick up an additional 7 instruments

This one is going to be a work in progress, but I've decided to keep a running tab on it. I've played the piano since I was 5 years old, and since having been accepted to the music program and meeting with the Dean, I've had this strange urge to just play everything that I can. So, my brother and I got a new drum kit, and I re strung my acoustic, and purchased a sunburst fender squier. I've started taking drum lessons, and I'm moving really really quickly, which is so awesome. I'm going to have to wait for Brett to get back from touring with Mariana's Trench this summer in order to start the guitar. But it's ok, I'm going to work my ass off with the drums this summer and get really proficient, and we'll work on things one at a time. I've also purchased a Uke and have been playing that in my spare time as well. Same with a harmonica, but it's hard because its a C+ harmonica and its diatonic, so theres not a lot of range. But I'm learning slowly! And playing lots with the band so yayyy!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


17. Hike a trail in BC

With the help of my good friend Brennen, I conquered the Grouse Grind. It's an epic adventure of a trail, a terrifying 2 miles uphill. They've made the mountain a giant staircase, and it's one of the most physically demanding trails in BC. The best time is something ridiculous like 39 minutes....and I completed it for my first time in 90. Which isn't bad considering I suck at anything athletic, annnnd I haven't been to the gym in a while. I wasn't even sore the next day! Epic climb!!!! Check out the trail:

33 (sort of), 36, & 63

33. Randomly check into a hotel

I'm not going to go into incredible detail about this one. I'll leave it at it was quite possibly the best night of my life spent with someone who is quite possibly the most fascinating person I have ever, ever been in the presence of. Great, great night, and the absolute best conversation of my entire life.

36. Dye my hair a super strange color

So I'm in Victoria a while ago and I go to shoppers drug mart, and randomly pick up a tin of purple washout color. I get to Stefania's and head to the washroom to put it in my hair. Been doing it at the hair dressers with a semi-perm ever since. It's so rad! What I haven't told anyone is that I'm going duo toned next time. Magenta and purple. Boom.

63. Stop purchasing greeting cards and make them instead

This one is pretty self explanatory. I stopped purchasing greeting cards a solid 2 months ago, because it's so much more personal when they are made from scratch. Got the idea from my best friends little sister. Yay, Nadia!

20, 24, & 26

20. See Alcatraz in San Francisco

This one is pretty self explanatory and was covered in doing number one. I had been to SF once before with a choir but we didn't have the opportunity to get to Alcatraz, which is something that I had been meaning to do for a while. Naturally when we got to SF this time around, Stef and I were like, "there's no way we're missing Alcatraz." Amen. We took the moving audio tour, which was comprised of the voices of past prisoners and guards, and were granted stories and facts about Alcatraz. We were able to walk the rock freely and took a ton of awesome photos. Very cool time for us!

24. Drive an American highway

I drove an American highway when the girls and I hit up Seattle. We went on a shopping spree when Marta came back into town from having nearly finished her first year abroad in medical school....good times. I don't think I've ever driven that fast in my life! And in that quantity, either. So much driving. So much so that I made Marta drive home because my brain was slowly dying. All the tiredness aside, it was something that I had always wanted to do. The number of lanes in American highways are baffling, and it's something that I had always wanted to conquer!

26. Buy a skateboard

I took a trip to Metrotown to visit my brother at work, and I ended up wandering into toys'r'us, because that's how Jess rolls, and I purchased a skateboard! I looked at the good ones in the skate shops, but I wasn't sure how much I would a) love skateboarding and b) be good at it in any way shape or form. So I settled for a cheap first time board. It has a chihuahua on it. It looks really, really irate. I named it Skittles, just because I know that dog would have HATED it. Anywho, I get out on it once in a while, and I'm getting better at it, but it took a couple of embarrassing tumbles in front of home. My dog LOVES sitting on the skateboard and being pushed down the street. All her face hair parts and you just see this squinty, mini chewbaca thing flying down the street on a skateboard. Brilliant!

1 & 18

1. Visit a city on the west coast (USA)

I recently took an epic trip to San Francisco with one of my best friends Stephanie, and it was just the most amazing trip ever. From the second that we arrived in San Fran, we had the time of our lives. We met amazing people at our hostel, and experienced many things for the first time. We lived off of noodles, and had enough money for sight seeing and souvenirs, and that was pretty much it. We saw the golden gate bridge, coit tower, Alcatraz, climbed all the way up Lombard road, chinatown, a bit of the nightlife, and walked some sick ass hills. We came back with asses made of steel. Needless to say, this trip is gonna me tough to top! Amazing people, amazing times, amazing to knock off an item on my list.

2. Swim 50 consecutive laps.

I was finally able to do this in March. After the epic failure that was January, I decided to use the pool as my veritable punching bag....and hit it once a day every day at 7am. I've since slowed down...but on the last day of classes, I was not only able to hit the pool, but I swam that shit 50 times and couldnt believe it! It felt so good to actually do something that I had wanted to do for so long. It was incredibly empowering going from doing 10 laps to 20, to 30, and then staying on 40 because I wasnt sure that I could do more...and then I did it. Yay, me!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

And now...the complete list

Alright, the ones in lighter purple are the ones that I've gotten to already...

1. Visit a city on the west coast (USA)

2. Visit a city on the east coast (USA)
3. Visit a city in central USA
4. Straddle a state line
5. Backpack through a European city
6. Go on a date with a member of the same sex
7. Pick up an additional 7 instruments
8. Spend one night introducing myself to everyone I meet
9. See Barcelona
10. See Amsterdam
11. Go to Australia
12. Learn Claire du lune (Debussy)
13. Pass my RCM history exam
14. Skydive (
15. Learn to snowboard
16. Surf in Tofino (,com_yanc/act,subscriber/task,subscribe/cid,1/Itemid,17/)
17. Hike a trail in BC
18. Be able to swim 50 consecutive laps
19. Go bare minimum camping
20. See Alcatraz in San Francisco
21. Purchase an IMAX pass and go at least once a week
22. Climb a small mountain or ridge
23. Read one novel a week
24. Drive an American highway
25. Explore an island in BC
26. Buy a skateboard
27. Learn how to speak sign language
28. Play an entire round of golf
29. Watch Breakfast at Tiffany's
30. Finish the sun run in less than an hour
31. Send people anonymous post cards with meaningful phrases
32. Finish my bachelors degree
33. Randomly check into a hotel
34. Bungee in Whistler
35. Go to the airport with no bags and purchase the cheapest flight on the boards
36. Dye my hair a super strange colour
37. Fall in love
38. Stop biting my nails
39. Teach myself the names and characteristics of 50 dinosaurs
40. Learn the names of all types of clouds
41. Be financially set at the end of 1001 to sponsor a child in Africa
42. Rent a vespa and drive it around the city for one day
43. Complete a book
44. Create a demo and send it to record labels
45. Switch from coffee to tea
46. Learn how to speak cockney rhyme

47. Be able to name the capital city of every country, province, and state in the world
48. Have sex into a new year
49. Take a cheeky picture in front of big Ben of myself looking at my wristwatch
50. Ride a Ferris wheel with a boy
51. Go horseback riding
52. Learn how to stop on skates
53. Complete a crossword without cheating, all on my own
54. Apply to graduate school at oxford university
55. Get through Beowulf
56. Get through Milton’s Paradise Lost
57. Write an entire collection of beat poetry
58. Have in my possession a massive collection of Alan Ginsberg’s poems
59. Complete my Primal painting collection
60. Visit Paul for Christmas
61. See times square on new years
62. Throw a “halfway there” birthday party on the ninth of June….just because I can
63. Stop purchasing greeting cards and make them instead
64. Take up amateur photography
65. Give Italy another chance
66. Ride the drop zone at playland
67. Go back to Florence and eat a plate of pasta at Open Bar
68. Record my entire piano lexicon. Covers and originals
69. Write an A+ academic paper
70. Learn one sentence in every single language
71. Make a giant 100 item list of things that make me laugh
72. Challenge someone to a Wii Mario Kart Grand Prix and win!
73. Resolve my skin issues
74. Find a job in my career
75. Begin to find a place to live of my very own
76. Shoot a gun
77. Witness a rocket launch
78. Get a diamond ;)
79. Introduce Paul to my extended family in Italy
80. Confront my fear of sharks by swimming with sharks. SMALL sharks.
81. Make a photo journal of 365 days
82. Weigh 125 pounds again
83. Start practicing the piano again
84. Get over hating the Olympics
85. Learn how to drive standard
86. Jump in a big HUGE pile of leaves
87. Learn how to say I love you in all the languages of the world
88. Finish writing The Roadway. Lyrics and music.
89. Learn how to palm read
90. Read a book about Buddhism
91. Turn my bedroom into a bedroom, and just a bedroom
92. Stop eating so much chocolate
93. Watch ALL of the lotr movies with an open mind
94. Make a list like this every three years
95. Buy a jacket that I actually like
96. Buy Paul the most gorgeous wedding band in the history of wedding bands
97. Be able to play 5 Chopin pieces, memorized
98. Make dinner for my grandmother
99. Hold my cousins baby in my arms and tell him/her that I love him/her
100. Promise Paul that I will love him, have him, and hold him, and only him, for the rest of my life, till death do us part, before our spectacular family and our amazing witnesses
101. Be able to take something apart, and rebuild it all on my own

Hello, world!

A brief hello as I gather my thoughts and become familiarized with this blogging world. My intentions with this blog: finally "concretize" my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days, which gives me roughly three years. I started my list a little while ago, and have already completed many things on it....which is good, but it means that I now have 1001 days less 2 months. When you lose something that means anything to you, you go through certain changes that are irreversible...and you become stronger. And so much better. I think that everyone should have a list, I mean they don't even have to write it down, it can be a thought, a dream, a hallucination, anything...but I've found that it's good to live each day with a goal. It gives people perspective, and passion. This list is for me, really, and I've got some really silly and difficult things to do, but I'm doing something and I think that's a lot more than many people have to say for themselves.
That all being said, my list will be added shortly, and a la Steph, I will be discussing things as I go along. Hope this blog finds everyone in great spirits, and a bientot.