Wednesday, September 8, 2010

27, 45, 46, 100, 95, 99, 79, 6, 12, 34, 59, 65, and 75

There is a lot that I need to update on my list, apparently!!! Here goes:

27. Learn how to speak sign language
I downloaded an APP that's teaching me how to say introductory things!!!! So far I've learned colours, numbers, and the alphabet!!! Here's to learning! :)

100. Promise Paul that I will love him, have him, and hold him, and only him, for the rest of my life, till death do us part, before our spectacular family and our amazing witnesses.
It's amazing to see the progress I've made in my life, and in my relationship....I love that I can witness it all through this blog of mine!!! Paul and I were married June 30th, 2010, in North Vancouver, in an intimate ceremony that consisted of 7 people, including us. It was amazing and magical, and everything I could have wanted in a wedding ceremony. It was the best day of my life!!!!

95. Buy a jacket that I actually like!
Paul bought me a gray TNA jacket this summer, and I'm VERY pleased with it!! Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A JACKET I LOVE!!!!

79. Introduce Paul to my extended family in Italy
65. Give Italy another chance
99. Hold my cousins baby in my arms and tell her that I love her (yes, it's a her!)
We are in the midst of talking about going to Italy in the summer of 2012, to complete numbers 79, 65, and 99.

6. Go on a date with a member of the same sex
This one item on the list is a bit of a cross in my side at the moment. As you all know, I'm happily married!! Which means I can't, nor really want to engage in the dating I'm wondering if I should count a day date with a girlfriend as number 6 and possibly add another item on the list to compensate? I wonder....

12. Learn Claire du lune (Debussy)
I have FOUND the sheet music, and have learned two pages! Still working on it!!!!!! Yay! Such a beautiful piece. Such an amazing composer!

34. Bungee in Whistler
Paul and I went to Whistler BC for our honeymoon, and took advantage of the surroundings by bungee jumping, zip lining, and enjoying the fresh air!! We had a fantastic time!!!!!! <-- check it out!

45. Switch from coffee to tea
This is one that I still struggle with, but with complete honesty, I can say that if someone were to offer me a cup of coffee or a nice PG tips cuppa, I would pick the tea. :)

46. Learn how to speak cockney rhyme
This is also one that I'm learning slowly. I know quite a few (thanks to cockney kings restaurant for their clever paper place mats)....and I have a book that Paul gave to me, so, slowly but surely, I'm beginning to incorporate rhyme in my daily language!

59. Complete my Primal painting collection
I think that I'm just realizing that my primal collection is completely fine just as it is. If I decide to add pieces throughout my life, then fine, but at this point, I would be willing to call it complete (if such an expression in the world of an artist exists!)

75. Begin to find a place to live of my very own
Hopefully, Paul and I will be home owners within the next few years....I've looked at some prices, and they are WAY out there right now, but hopefully in a few years we will be able to put something down on a nice 2 or 3 bedroom property!!!

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