Tuesday, May 12, 2009

And now...the complete list

Alright, the ones in lighter purple are the ones that I've gotten to already...

1. Visit a city on the west coast (USA)

2. Visit a city on the east coast (USA)
3. Visit a city in central USA
4. Straddle a state line
5. Backpack through a European city
6. Go on a date with a member of the same sex
7. Pick up an additional 7 instruments
8. Spend one night introducing myself to everyone I meet
9. See Barcelona
10. See Amsterdam
11. Go to Australia
12. Learn Claire du lune (Debussy)
13. Pass my RCM history exam
14. Skydive (http://www.vancouver-skydiving.bc.ca/)
15. Learn to snowboard
16. Surf in Tofino (http://innerrhythm.net/component/option,com_yanc/act,subscriber/task,subscribe/cid,1/Itemid,17/)
17. Hike a trail in BC
18. Be able to swim 50 consecutive laps
19. Go bare minimum camping
20. See Alcatraz in San Francisco
21. Purchase an IMAX pass and go at least once a week
22. Climb a small mountain or ridge
23. Read one novel a week
24. Drive an American highway
25. Explore an island in BC
26. Buy a skateboard
27. Learn how to speak sign language
28. Play an entire round of golf
29. Watch Breakfast at Tiffany's
30. Finish the sun run in less than an hour
31. Send people anonymous post cards with meaningful phrases
32. Finish my bachelors degree
33. Randomly check into a hotel
34. Bungee in Whistler
35. Go to the airport with no bags and purchase the cheapest flight on the boards
36. Dye my hair a super strange colour
37. Fall in love
38. Stop biting my nails
39. Teach myself the names and characteristics of 50 dinosaurs
40. Learn the names of all types of clouds
41. Be financially set at the end of 1001 to sponsor a child in Africa
42. Rent a vespa and drive it around the city for one day
43. Complete a book
44. Create a demo and send it to record labels
45. Switch from coffee to tea
46. Learn how to speak cockney rhyme

47. Be able to name the capital city of every country, province, and state in the world
48. Have sex into a new year
49. Take a cheeky picture in front of big Ben of myself looking at my wristwatch
50. Ride a Ferris wheel with a boy
51. Go horseback riding
52. Learn how to stop on skates
53. Complete a crossword without cheating, all on my own
54. Apply to graduate school at oxford university
55. Get through Beowulf
56. Get through Milton’s Paradise Lost
57. Write an entire collection of beat poetry
58. Have in my possession a massive collection of Alan Ginsberg’s poems
59. Complete my Primal painting collection
60. Visit Paul for Christmas
61. See times square on new years
62. Throw a “halfway there” birthday party on the ninth of June….just because I can
63. Stop purchasing greeting cards and make them instead
64. Take up amateur photography
65. Give Italy another chance
66. Ride the drop zone at playland
67. Go back to Florence and eat a plate of pasta at Open Bar
68. Record my entire piano lexicon. Covers and originals
69. Write an A+ academic paper
70. Learn one sentence in every single language
71. Make a giant 100 item list of things that make me laugh
72. Challenge someone to a Wii Mario Kart Grand Prix and win!
73. Resolve my skin issues
74. Find a job in my career
75. Begin to find a place to live of my very own
76. Shoot a gun
77. Witness a rocket launch
78. Get a diamond ;)
79. Introduce Paul to my extended family in Italy
80. Confront my fear of sharks by swimming with sharks. SMALL sharks.
81. Make a photo journal of 365 days
82. Weigh 125 pounds again
83. Start practicing the piano again
84. Get over hating the Olympics
85. Learn how to drive standard
86. Jump in a big HUGE pile of leaves
87. Learn how to say I love you in all the languages of the world
88. Finish writing The Roadway. Lyrics and music.
89. Learn how to palm read
90. Read a book about Buddhism
91. Turn my bedroom into a bedroom, and just a bedroom
92. Stop eating so much chocolate
93. Watch ALL of the lotr movies with an open mind
94. Make a list like this every three years
95. Buy a jacket that I actually like
96. Buy Paul the most gorgeous wedding band in the history of wedding bands
97. Be able to play 5 Chopin pieces, memorized
98. Make dinner for my grandmother
99. Hold my cousins baby in my arms and tell him/her that I love him/her
100. Promise Paul that I will love him, have him, and hold him, and only him, for the rest of my life, till death do us part, before our spectacular family and our amazing witnesses
101. Be able to take something apart, and rebuild it all on my own

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