Sunday, May 31, 2009


71. Make a giant 100 item list of things that make me laugh

This one is also a work in progress, but it's a lot easier to map as it's a list. Here goes:

100 things that make me laugh

1) watching people trip over things
2) the Seinfeld show
3) Brett's suitcase voice
4) Russell's frown
5) remembering the time that my brother exclaimed "it smells like poo-farts" in an airplane full of passengers
6) the shark pose
7) Dani's gibbled run
8) Alex and Russell's ugly faces
9) watching my hamster try to get right side up while he's being held on his back
10) seeing my dog rub her face all over the couch and she furiously tries to get attention
11) LG's doing their LG thang
12) a genuinely stupid looking face
13) Pat's pig man
14) sarcasm
15) the Phoenix Nights show
16) when Conan pulls the Chuck Norris lever
17) Disney's the Emporer's New Groove. The entire movie has me in stitches.
18) any time I spend with the collective
19) watching Russ DDR
20) making a baby laugh and hearing it laugh back
21) maurice moss and richmond from the IT crowd
22) Paolo Bonolis in THIS:
23) charlie and the waitress on It's Always Sunny in Philedelphia
24) anything Larry David
25) seeing my kitty sleeping sitting up while his face is buried in his paws
26) the graphics on Street Fighter 2
27) Russell Peters
28) the comicon video
29) Marta's MIEEUUUUU sound
30) celebrity jeaopardy
31) Gilly
32) the Lawrence Welk show
33) Penelope
34) the Bitch Please sketch
35) the Office
36) anything my dad has to say
37) making eye contact with Stephanie. Because it's always like we know what the other is thinking. So we end up laughing hysterically.
38) watching cats be hilarious
39) talking dirty with Parsiad
40) Brennen's music
41) Paul's PINOCCHIO voice
42) farts
43) the word shmeckles
44) "he's a real boy"
45) reference to George Clooney being a scuba diving dog
46) anything that Paul says, essentially
47) my English professor's "dull person" voice
48) I can has cheese burgars and all lol cats
49) hearing Steve say "I pooped a feather"
50) any time that Brett makes fun of me
51) alton brown
52) Russell's frown/reaction to my frown (i had to put this twice, i pee my pants)
53) Russell's really excited face
54) Alex's oommiiggaawwwdddddd
55) When Julian repeats the words Methane Farts in that same order
56) Carol Beer
57) Vicky Pollard
58) Anne
59) Gordon Ramsay when he's pissed
60) The play within the Shakespeare play, Hamlet
61) Megan Fox trying to be funny
62) Zombieland
63) Being tickled
64) Closing at work with Valjeet (she's hilarious)
65) Imagining Geoff doing my crazy accent
66) have I said watching people trip? I love that bahahaha!
67) Watching Samantha Wink and Russell James TOIL, BURROW, AND PRESENT THEIR BERRIES!!!!!!!
68) Mirrion dorra?
69) "Sort your life out...." PJS
71) Re-runs of all the big fat quiz shows
72) Not gonna lie, watching Hannah Montana. Makes for laughs and sweet, tender father-daughter moments...
73) Watching Paul laugh at me after my Bridget Jones
74) Skyping with Steve whilst he is drunk
75) Reminiscing with Nicole about how weird we were when we were younger
76) Lanna making fun of me. My hands mostly!
77) "Poootaaatoooeee" LF
78) Thinking of Daniela's fall when she landed like superman
79) Watching the cat smell Dolly's butt
80) "Fak crez" FM
81) "Ma tu mi fa rideray" JM
82) Il Maresciallo
83) Sebastian and Remy's musical pun minute in class
84) "allan! allan! allan!! allan!"...walk on the wild side bbc comedy
85) seasons 1-3 of the inbetweeners

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